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About J.A.G.S Personal Training

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JAGS Personal Training was founded by Oliver Thomas in 2015. Oliver, who is a fully qualified Personal Trainer, is very passionate in all things health and fitness! After spending years focusing on this industry, Oliver decided to take the plunge and make it his full time career. His goal is to share his passion with other people to ensure they can be the best they want to be!

The main goal at JAGS is to work with all our clients in order to help people understand fitness and to reach their own personal goals, whether that be to lose weight, build muscle or to just increase their fitness levels. We are very passionate about making people feel comfortable in our sessions and to understand what they need to do in order to reach their targets – nothing is unachievable!

Through our training, we found a lot of different views on what to eat, and what sort of exercise to do to achieve different goals. It became apparent that the advice was confusing, and no one knew what was correct. We decided to do something about this and help people understand more in this area. If you are keen to change your diet and exercise pattern we can help you learn how best to do this to get the results you want!

Group & Personal Training Services

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1-to-1 Personal Training

1 to 1 training

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With 1 to 1 training, we offer our complete time and effort to achieving your desired goals. Whether that be to lose weight, train for a marathon or to build muscle, we can set up a programme personal to you, and guide you through it to reach those all important goals as quickly and efficiently as possible.

1-to-2 Training

1 to 2 training

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With 1 to 2 training, we offer two people our dedicated time and effort. We set up a personalised programme for you both, which can be used during our sessions and in your own time. The benefit of training with someone else is the added support you get from each other, and having someone who can help push you in the right direction. Whatever your goals are, we can help you reach it!

Bootcamp / Circuit Training

Bootcamp / Circuit Training

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We offer a range of circuit and bootcamp classes throughout the week, to help with your overall fitness and wellbeing. These are social, fun and will help you with any goals you may have relating to health and fitness. We run classes from beginners, up to advanced.

Outdoor Training

Outdoor training

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As well as our fully equipped private gym we have mobile equipment that we can bring to you. Whether that’s in the local park, at your work, or in your garden, we can work with you in a place that suits you.

Weightloss & Nutrition

Weight loss

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We specialise in weight loss, and focus on the clients likes and dislikes in order to set them up on a programme which is fun and sustainable. This can be done in either our private gym in Aldershot, or in a local outdoor space.

Weight Training

Weight training

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Whether you are just starting out or you have been weight training for years we can help! We will make you feel comfortable and push you to your limits in order to reach your desired goal.

We have a private, fully equipped gym where you will get specialist 1 to 1 training without having to feel uncomfortable in a normal gym environment.

Personal Trainer

Start your fitness journey

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“ I’ve been working with Oliver for 3 to 4 months and have seen amazing results. I have never felt stronger or fitter. He is extremely passionate about fitness, and it shows through the energy and enthusiasm he brings to every training session. He makes each workout challenging and most importantly fun! He is easy going and friendly but tough when needed, motivating me to push myself to the limit. ”


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